Dr. Jill Didur

Dr. Jill Didur is an Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of English at Concordia. She is a Research Fellow at the Loyola Sustainability Research Centre, a member of Figura: Centre de la Texte et Imaginaire, and the Digital Environmental Humanities Network.

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Ian Arawjo

Ian Arawjo programmed and co-designed the Alpine Misguide over a three year period. A recent graduate of Concordia’s Computation Arts program, he has worked at TAG, Alkemie Atelier, the Topological Media Lab, NT2 lab, OBX labs, and on the SpokenWeb team in multiple capacities as a dual programmer and designer. As an undergraduate he presented projects at the ACLA conference, CHI PLAY 2014, and twice at GRAND. He has several years of experience working with Apple’s iOS frameworks; in 2012 he released a satirical game, Kale In Dinoland, which was featured by Apple on the App Store.

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